Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On Patrol!

Finally I get to go on a patrol with Blackfoot Company. It was an annual Victory Day for Afghanistan in celebration of the departure of the Russians so we expected to have contacts.

When we left the FOB it was on the radio that an Afghan Army outpost had a firefight with about 40 TBs! As our MRAPs raced towards the contact point we were told that we were not needed as the Afghan Special Forces already dealt with it. Disappointment! The boys of the 501st really wanted to get into a firefight!

Off to FOB Rushmore to rest up when we got another call to investigate an IED. We turned around and had just about left town when we were told that it was a false alarm. Another wave of disappointment swept through the ranks. We returned to Rushmore for lunch and sat around for a bit when we got called on again to investigate an IED. However, this time it was the real deal!

We were able to hook up with the Afghan Army that actually found the IED and found that it was across a small river with a high bank. The MRAPs couldn't make it through so we had to wade across the cold river. Ha! River crossing! The area was finally secured and the EOD guys were called in to deal with it. I'd leave out the details and can only say that by the time we were done it was nightfall. The Afghan army guys with us were getting really antsy at this time and the commander was screaming for us to leave as he was afraid of running into more IEDs and possible ambush. Yea... their anxiety got to me a little but I figured that we were rather well protected in the monster vehicles so what the heck. However, my wet boots and pants didn't keep me happy and I was pretty bushed by then from wearing that body armor and carrying cameras all day.

Finally, we packed up and drove back to Sharana. This was the most exciting day so far in my embed and for the boys of Blackfoot too! I must say that the province which I am in has been really quiet so far and that in itself can be a blessing!

Range day on Friday!

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