Sunday, May 10, 2009

Heating up!

Just as I was about to settle in for the evening with a movie on my laptop when I heard a loud thump. Hmmm... rocket attack or someone just dropped something heavy? No sirens but lots of noise outside. So I peered outside and men were running around and someone shouted, "Incoming"! Yikes!

Grab my body armor, helmet on, and my trusty camera. Well, if a round were to destroy my laptop no biggy but I have to ensure the survival of my rice-bowl. We were supposed to go to the nearest bunker but I went to the TOC (Tactical Ops Centre) instead. Nothing so far - only one round. We figured it was probably in retailation for the failed attack they (the Talibans) carried out two nights ago when they try to overrun the sub-governor's compound only to run unexpectedly into an American unit on patrol.

Many mortar rounds, an airstrike and nearly three hours of firefight later the TBs withdrew leaving behind nine dead and one captured.

Makes for great reading!

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